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Dues in the amount of $350.00 per year should be mailed to Treasurer, Nick Aiuto at:

Michigan Towing Association
c/o Nick Aiuto
42870 North Walnut
Clinton Township, MI 48036


History of the Michigan Towing Association

The Michigan Towing Association is the oldest association of wrecker companies in the United States, with its genesis occurring in 1941. It was incorporated in the mid 50's and has continued to be one of the leading towing organizations in the United States.

The Michigan Towing Association is composed of over 120 companies specializing in the towing industry. Ninety (90%) percent of our members are towing companies engaged in the daily transportation of wrecked and disabled vehicles over the highways. Membership also includes specialized carriers who transport only test and exotic vehicles. Manufacturers, dealers and suppliers associated with the industry make up the balance of our members.

The Association's members are located throughout the State of Michigan.

Originally, the Association was composed of companies regulated by the Michigan Public Service Commission. Over the past ten (10) years, the Association has broadened its base to include both regulated and non-regulated carriers.

The Association meets ten (10) times a year at various cities throughout the state.

The Michigan Towing Association has gathered together to use its strength in numbers to work with the Michigan Legislature and with the Michigan State Police to improve wrecker operations throughout Michigan. Our legislative committee usually has two or three matters they are working on with various legislators to direct their attention to matters that benefit the industry.

Several times a year, the Association sponsors seminars and training meetings to acquaint its members with changes in the laws and operations. We have sponsored light duty training schools, heavy duty training schools, and hazardous materials schools, among others. These programs are repeated periodically for the benefit of new members and new entrants into the industry.

The Association is still actively involved in matters before the Michigan Public Service Commission pertaining to the regulated operations of towing companies in Michigan. These include being involved in applications for authority, tariff matters, and other regulatory filings.

The Michigan Towing Association, the founder of towing organizations, strives to continue its service to the industry and to the public.



Benefits of the Michigan Towing Association

  • The Michigan Towing Association (MTA), organized in 1941, is the oldest towing association in America.

  • There are more than 120 member companies.

  • The MTA supports towing operations in the State of Michigan by dealing with issues that affect towing, educating its members, and sponsoring legislation to support and better the towing industry.

  • The Association meets on the second Wednesday of each month except in August, October and December. Meetings are held at a different locations throughout the state each month.

  • The MTA employs a lobbyist, Bill Zaagman of Governmental Consultant Services, Inc., who facilitates legislation that supports and betters the towing industry.

  • You should be a member of the MTA.

  • The MTA works to improve the industry supporting legislation that benefits the towing company. Some examples are:

    • Move Over Law amended to apply to towing.

    • Total revision of the Abandoned Car Law to allow recovery against the registered owner replacing recovery being limited to the value of the scrapped vehicle.

    • Obtained special permits to allow transportation of over-length, over-width vehicles, if the tow truck is legal and the vehicle it is towing is legal. An annual permit costs $200.00.

    • Eliminates 25-mile restriction on special permitted movements for single vehicles.

    • Eliminates safe harbor requirement on combination special permit vehicles.

    • Provides for standardized wrecker plate of $200.00, reducing cost of a wrecker plate when based upon GVW by hundreds of dollars.

    • Monitors and keeps the industry abreast of legislation that may affect towing operations.

    • Negotiate with the Michigan Department of Revenue and obtained a rebate in diesel fuel tax for MTA members only.

      • Negotiation process involved more than $20,000.00 paid to test and determine what portion of diesel fuel is involved in non-road work.

    • Works with Michigan State Police to influence State Police policies regarding towing – Executive Order 124 and its amendments.

    • Works with Secretary of State on lien laws and abandoned car processing, including creation of TR52 forms.

    • Works with local governmental officials on local ordinances, rotation and contract compliance.

  • Issues a newsletter/minutes of the meetings ten times a year to keep members who can not attend the meetings apprised.

  • Monthly meetings monitor the Michigan Public Service Commission and advise members of the application of new laws and enforcements.

  • Support litigation that has resulted in significant strides relative to towing.

    • Damage done by the towing company while in the process of loading, unloading or transporting is subject to the no-fault law, limiting a tower’s liability to the deductible or $500.00, whichever is less, providing that a contract/implied contract between a vehicle owner and a towing company is superseded by the no-fault law limiting liability to the deductible or $500.00, whichever is less.

    • Providing legal precedents showing that the registered owner is responsible for the towing and storage fees on a police hold, even if not at fault, even if hold is over a year.

    • Police impounds – registered owner responsible.

  • Provides education information on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration/Authorities/hours of service/employment laws.

  • Provides and explains exemptions for MPSC carriers who also hold Federal Motor Carrier authority.

  • Advises members of all matters of national issues.

  • MTA is your organization.

  • The MTA serves as your governmental liaison.

  • Provides a liaison with the Towing and Recovery Association of America.

  • Clearinghouse – towing complaints.

  • Your representative in local, state, and national issues.

  • The MTA’s strength is in its members.

    • Provides a network base where towing companies get to know other towing companies.

    • Exchange of ideas.

    • Special updates on towing vehicles.

    • One member stated the meetings are the most important because you get to know the people, you learn the information first-hand as opposed to just by the minutes, and you exchange ideas.

    • Demonstration on costs to determine your cost to tow.

    • Slide presentation of how to photograph and preserve evidence to support your bill and the work that you did.

    • Explanation of how to write your bill to eliminate questions.

    • Associated with collection agency that assists members in collecting bad accounts.

    • Affiliated with Tow Partners providing discounts on equipment and materials.

    • Provides affiliations for buying in mass – tires.



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